Lyrics and Music by Jimmi Langemo (unless noted)

  1. Virginia
  2. Sunny Afternoon
  3. Sweet Queen
  4. Clara Dawson
  5. She’s Got To Be Free
  6. Boogie Woogie Woman
  7. I Need Shelter
  8. Blues On My Trail
  9. Sadie’s Song
  10. She Deepens My Blues
  11. Forever Untrue

Virginia back to top ↑

Rise up in the morning,
Butterflies stir your dreams,
And roll away with the morning fog
Any sorrow your day may bring.
Great Grand Mammy was a runaway slave.
You know, she paved the way for me.
Virginia, take me up to the mountain
And let my freedom sing!

“Lordy, Lordy” says my daddy,
“So many ghosts beneath my feet.
They passed away, but some would say,
They passed their mourning unto me.”
You always hurt the one you love.
My daddy works for strip mine companies.
Virginia, take him up to the mountain
And let his freedom sing!

I can climb the paths on the mountain.
Some made before. Some made by me.
And I can run them in the day or night
And those who are lost, I set them free.
But with the fall comes a heavy fog,
I get so lost – Help this blind boy see!
Virginia, take me up to the mountain
And let my freedom sing!

Sunny Afternoon (Jimmi Langemo & Robb McCarthy) back to top ↑

You said that you would call tonight.
Needless to say, it’s past midnight.
Was it something I said? Something I didn’t say?
Or was I misled,
To think that you might call,
To think that you just might want to
Spend some time with me a while?
Sometimes I make excuses just to see you,
Just to see you smile.
But now I lie awake and I’m all alone.
Lady look up my number and phone!

And what would I do,
I’d take you to a matinee on a sunny afternoon.
And what could we do,
Later lie on a riverbank just me and you.
But what would I do, if you said yes,
I’d break down and say that I love you.

Forgive me if I sound a little wired.
This time of night I’m a soul on fire.
Let me sing about my love.
Let me sing past your doorway.
You know, I’ll sing for my supper
Just don’t turn me away.
I’m so tired. I’m so tired.
Doesn’t somebody feel like I do?
Like a hollow drum with the rain pouring down,
Echoing, echoing the same old song!

Another night has passed away
And it’s still just me.
The sun is rising on another day,
But make no mistake,
I’m still happy to see it.
And when I see you
I’ll ask how your evening was,
And then just because
I’m so stuck on you, I’ll say,
“Lady what you doing later on?
Would you look up my number and phone?”

Sweet Queen back to top ↑

Hey there’s my lover. She’s swinging her hips over the rise.
She’s bringing me moonshine to bring the sunshine to my eyes.
She’s pouring me some new cheer, full of love and few tears.
Let the Spirits call a dance for us tonight!

And she’s trampling the grass in her bare feet,
Let her skirt rise above her knees. I beg you please!
Say your mine, Sweet Queen.
Say your mine, Sweet Queen.
Say your mine, Sweet Queen,
Say your mine. Baby I’ll be fine.
Lovey dovey ‘till the end of time. For you, I rave on.
She said, “Sugar Daddy, do go on.”

Swing it boys, I’m restless. Swing it bold and breathless.
Swing it till she’s in my arms tender and contagious.
‘Cuz I’m hungry for her sweet kiss
And it’s her loving that I do miss.
Our loving is a mingling of sacrifice and true bliss.

She says, “When you die, die Dixie.
While you live, live like your born to please me.
Right now come over here and kiss me.”
Oh, loving her is so easy!

Clara Dawson back to top ↑

Well, Hey now fellows have you heard the news?
Clara Dawson, she got some brand new shoes.
I’m gonna take her out and dance all night.
Let me tell you boys, I want to treat this woman right.

She’s someone makes me happy, satisfied.
She’s someone I can bring flowers and a jug of wine.

Not in the morning, not in the afternoon,
With Clara Dawson you don’t come too soon.
She wants you all night, all night.
But let me tell you boys, she don’t make me uptight.

She makes me feel so good.
Good things should last. Do you think it could?
I want to tell her something, start it out right.
I wanted so to kiss her. I wanted so to kiss her.
I wanted so to kiss her last night.

I pray every morning, I pray every day
Clara Dawson likes her life this way.
I’m gonna get the nerve, get the guts,
Find out if she loves me as much.

She’s Got To Be Free back to top ↑

Please don’t wake me late tomorrow.
I can’t wait until tomorrow
To see you in the morning light.
And when I open up my eyes,
I’ll celebrate the morning light.
I’ll celebrate you by my side.

You will wash the plums and cherries.
I will pull the draperies,
Take a look at what is now my life.
I have no more than what I had before,
But you have opened up a door
That leads me to be satisfied.

Now please don’t say I’m just a lonely man.
Because I need love and I want to understand
Why I need your love. I need your love.

We will slide our chairs close together,
Lean towards one another,
You’ll whisper all the things we’ll do.
And I will listen as you speak,
Occasionally our eyes will meet,
And I’ll say how much I love you.

But now you laugh and say that I’m just a lonely man.
Because I need love and I want to understand
Why I need your love. I need your love.

And though she means everything to me
That is all that makes her mine.
She’s got to be free.

Boogie Woogie Woman back to top ↑

She closes her eyes when she sings
Sings of joy loving brings
Sings of making love at dawn
Making love in her song
She’s a mover she’s a shaker
My boogie woogie woman she’s my blues breaker

So I’m breaking out all my hard cash
Buy her a short dress and a big hat
Take her out onto the dance floor
Gonna swing until we want more
We’re lovers we’re no fakers
My boogie woogie woman she’s my blues breaker

All night long I sing her praises
She is charmed by my graces
Soon we want to be alone
We pass a church on the way home
I tell her “Baby when I meet my maker
I’ll say that boogie woogie woman she’s my blues breaker”

I Need Shelter (Jimmi Langemo & Mike Waters) back to top ↑

There’s a mist hanging low like a Creeping Jew.
Who’s to say where it comes from? Is it rolling through?
I’ve got a liver full of fire from cheap whiskey and rye.
Sledgehammer pounding out my hammered eyes.

Oh yeah, can you see where I’m coming from?
I need shelter from pain and regret,
Shelter from my lonely bed,
Shelter from my weary head.
I need shelter. Sometimes I wish I was dead.

There’s a woman on the rack with alluring eyes
And she taunts me as she flaunts her very naked thighs.
I drink it in like it was my lifeblood’s store.
Before you know me and her are out through the door.

I scuttle through the dark alleys on the darkest night.
My body’s burning and my hands are a nervous white.
Nothing in this world is gonna fix me nice.
The only thing I look forward to is being on ice.

Oh Lord I’m a leanin’. I’m a fallin’ fast.
If it wasn’t for my banjo, I’d be on the grass.
Like cannon fodder in broad daylight, I’ve got nowhere to turn.
I’m on my blackened knees and my body’s burnt.
Someone please show me that there’s day in my night.
Can I find a smile in my petrified life?
Someone please pull me from this sinking sand.
Tell me my burden’s carried by a loving hand!
Oh yeah, can you see where I’m coming from?

Blues On My Trail back to top ↑

Never trust a blonde with Italian blood.
She’ll call you sweet Valentine and then she’ll break your heart.
I’ve been mistreated. I’ve been played for a fool,
But I played the part she needed, Lord, I know it’s true.

I spend my nights in diners where the lights are low.
I slip some gin into my water and I sip it slow.
Johnny Cash is on the jukebox when the clock strikes three.
I put my hands into my pockets and I step into the street.

I’ve got the blues on my trail,
And the moon’s grown cold and pale.
I’ll be driving all night tonight
Until I’m finally safe inside,
Home by the Silver Creek in the morning light.

Lord have mercy on my baby. Have mercy on my heart.
Lord have mercy, it’s tearing us apart.
I’ve been mistreated. I’ve been a mean mistreater, but I’ve learned.
I’m gonna build a brand new home from the bridges that I burned.

I pull my harmonica from the pocket at my hips.
What I suck into my soul I breathe out through my lips.

Sadie’s Song back to top ↑

I don’t know why, I don’t know why
I should feel so alone.
I’ve got your picture on my wall, a couple near the bed,
And one hanging down the hall.
But it feels so good to know. Yes, it feels so good to know.
And it feels so good to know you’re coming home.

I’m standing on the balcony. A Vesper Sparrow sings among the trees
As I watch the moon arise. A silver sliver shining through the leaves –
Soon you will be home with me!
And it feels so good to know. Yes, it feels so good to know.
And it feels so good to know you’re coming home.

Sadie Lynn Martine and I

She Deepens My Blues back to top ↑

Breakin’-a-My-Will. Breakin’-a-My-Will.
Bein’ so cold is-a-takin’ its toll and its Breakin’-a-My-Will.
Breakin’-a-My-Will. Breakin’-a-My-Will.
Both at home, still I’m all alone and its Breakin’-a-My-Will.

I said early in the morning. She don’t bring me no sunshine!
She’s a storm without warning.
Then she’ll cuddle up and be mine.
Will she ever be mine?

Won’t you take my hand? I wish you would.
If I could understand, sometimes I wish I could.
I’m a little uneasy loving you. I’m a little uneasy loving you.

She deepens my blues. I wish I could just walk away from it.
She deepens my blues.
I wish there was something I could do about it.

She deepens my blues. All I wanted was a lover.
She deepens my blues.
I want someone who can love forever.
Tell me there’s someone who can love forever.
I want someone who can love forever.
Gotta find someone who can love forever.

Someone who can love me and hold me tight.
Love me in the morning. Love me all night.
Love me all night. Never turn me loose.
I’ll paint you a rainbow,
If you won’t deepen my blues.

She deepens my blues
And it’s breakin’ my will.

Forever Untrue back to top ↑

I’m forever untrue.
I’m forever longing for you.
I’m forever lost and confused.
I need you. I need you.

I walk through fields of hatred. I walk through fields of jealousy.
I’ve got that shit on my shoes and I can’t shake it off.
Rain fall down upon my head. Rain ‘till my hair blinds my eyes.
Rain till my jacket hangs heavy and my pants are black and tight.
I need you. I need you.

Juiced up on wine and bitters. Memories haunt my dreams.
I wish I’d wake up so I could find myself another drink.
No buttons on my overcoat. My hands they’re a palsy cold.
My fingers fall upon the ground like dragon bones.
I need you. I need you.

I wander from train to train, from street to avenue.
I’ve looked into many women’s eyes, but I can’t find you.
Who needs a cozy fire? Who needs cheese and wine?
I’d sell my soul just to look into my baby’s eyes!
I need you. I need you.

The more clearly that I see, the more the mist clings to the ground.
Lord Jesus Christ, won’t you help me change what I see is wrong?
The crow sleeps where the dove should rest.
There’s candles in the window of my eyes.
I’d happily exchange this nervous glow for a friendly light.
I need you. I need you.

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