Jimmi and the Band of Souls are known for the high-energy, passionate shows. Their blend of blues, roots and R&B, coined as “Gypsy Blues” by Spike Stephan, is fun to watch, listen and dance to. The variety of instruments they use – guitars, slide guitars, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, bass and drums – only add to the uniqueness and diversity of their shows.
They have felt driven to merge their talents with their faith, which has given birth to a new show called, “The Dancing Pilgrim’s Gospel Blues and Soul Revival.” During the show, they play a number of their Gospel-tinged originals. They also play renditions of traditional Gospel numbers like Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Amazing Grace as well as songs by Mississippi Fred McDowell, Billy Preston, the Staple Singers and Reverend Gary Davis.

The show is available for:

·      Gospel brunches
·      Church, school and college events and fund raisers
·      Church services
·      Music festivals that want a Sunday morning showcase
As an additional offering, Jimmi can be booked to provide a guest sermon or to lead a Bible study after the event.

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