Miss Ella Reviews Live From The Park Theater

Miss EllaCheck out this month’s Blue Monday Monthly (June 2015 @ www.bluemondaymontlhly.com). Miss Ella, Sister to the Blues, has done a review our live album, Live From The Park Theater. For those of you who haven’t met Miss Ella, she’s a prominent player in the national blues scene. We are grateful she’s taken the time to write a review of another one of our albums. 

Here I am again doing a review of Jimmi & The Band Of Souls. I have previously written one on their The Devil You Know CD.

Jimmi had sent me another CD titled LIVE FROM THE PARK THEATER. After taking a break, I played this CD until it is worn out.

If you did not read the first CD review on this band, here is the scoop. This band is so multi-talented – not only on their CDs, but live as well. I have seen them perform at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

What I heard on this CD made we wish I could have been at the Park Theater in Hayward, WI on October 3rd 2013, as they played to an audience of 2000 people. I would have bought front row seats.

The originals are so many fun songs – some scat, hand jive, and dance. You can just have a good time. Then they will bring you back to down home soul Blues. When Jimmi is not singing, he brings you his harmonica, known in the South as a “Mississippi Sax”, and makes it sing for you.

Jimmi’s vocals are outstanding but he shares the stage on the CD with the Band Of Souls, each of them a superior musician in their own right. Catch Nate Heinz’ vocals on track number eight, Willie Dixon’s Hoochie Coochie Man, worth listening to every minute. On several of the cover tracks, Jimmi adds his own additional lyrics. Get on board for the ride.

The CD is produced, mixed, and mastered by Jimmi and The Band Of Souls through his Blue Wren Recordings. Fifteen percent of all proceeds go to charitable organizations.

As I said earlier, I have worn out the one he sent so I intend to purchase another – one just wants to hear it again and again. After several interviews with Jimmi about this CD, I realized as he wrote in the liner notes: “AREN’T WE ALL IN THE BAND OF SOULS?”

Go to his website www.JimmiAndTheBandOfSouls.com . It will lead the way to this wonderful band and allow you to purchase this CD and many more. Stay tuned for there is another new CD on the way.


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