Miss Ella and the Devil You Know

Miss Ella, a highly respected and nationally known Blues album reviewer recently wrote a review of our album, The Devil You Know. We are including it here in full, but check it out at Blues Monday Monthly. This magazine will keep you informed and up-to-date on all things Blues related!

Jimmi and The Band Of Souls – The Devil You Know – CD Review by Miss Ella

The first time I met Jimmi and The Band Of Souls was at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. I was a judge on Wednesday, Jan 21 for the quarter-finals at the Blues City Cafe. As a judge, I choose not to read the bios or speak to the artists prior to the actual judging – I prefer to let the talent speak for itself.

From the first note they hit and throughout the entire twenty-five minutes they performed, I was mesmerized and had to hold on to my Blues chair – very impressive.

I caught up with them on Beale Street later in the week whereupon Jimmi gave me this CD. After returning home, I was able to listen to The Devil You Know. Wow, was I in for a treat and still am each time I drop it in the CD player.

Jimmi’s smooth vocal talent is rich no matter what range he takes you to. Add to this voice that he is a multi-talented instrumentalist. He and the entire band are awesome.

Although he did not start playing guitar until he was seventeen, he realized music was where his soul belonged, especially Blues. Jimmi picked up other instruments along the way, and I am very impressed with his harmonica style.

Jimmi comes from a rich history of music in his family. His Father and Mother are musicians, singing and playing at the church where is Father is pastor.

On several of these tracks Jimmi’s daughter Sadie and his brothers David & Tom add backup vocals – very nice indeed!

All of the lyrics and music are written by Jimmi. Each song has a story to tell and will bring you to solid Blues. His roots and influence are with greats the likes of Muddy Waters, John Mayhall, Sonny Boy Williams, Willie Dixon, and Bessie Smith. Although he respects the newer artists, he is happy to keep with the style of these greats.

This is such a well- blended CD I could not believe it took only six months to finish. Erik Koskinen produced, mixed, and mastered this CD in Jimmi’s home studio Blue Wren Recordings. Erik is a multi-talented artist in his own right. You will find him on all but one of the tracks on this CD. Jimmi also brought in other great musical artists.

Go to www.jimmiandthebandofsouls.com to see their schedule and how to purchase this CD as well as his others. They are also available on CD Baby and other sites.

NEWS FLASH! Jimmi and The Band Of Souls will be opening for Walter Trout at several festivals this summer.

Miss Ella, Sister To The Blues

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