In the Land of the Souls…

7038_831648660199758_3658550733072398037_nIt’s been quite the last month!  We were honored to play both the Ely Blues Festival up in Winton/Ely, MN as well as the recent Porcupine Mountain Music Festival in Upper Peninsula, Michigan!  Both festivals were a blast and the crowds were amazing!

Since then, the souls have been hard at work on our next album “Graveyard Shift” (working title) and also, a really cool soundtrack piece that we are doing.  We finished laying down the last tracks for the soundtrack last night and are excited to be a part of local art!

Keep your eyes peeled to the calendar as we hope to see all of your faces out at our shows!  More exciting news on the horizon as we prepare for Memphis in January!

Have a good one!


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