Gypsy Blues Live at the Park Theater in Hayward, WI!!!

Tell the paperboy to stop the paper. Ask the post office to hold your mail. The Gypsy Blues Caravan is heading north to record a live show at the Park Theater in Hayward, WI. The theater is a beautiful art deco theater built in the 1940’s. It has been updated with a wonderful sound system, top-notch recording equipment, and comfortable chairs so it’s easy to kick back and have a great time.

The show is October 3 from 7:30 to 9:30. Tickets are free, but the Park Theater gladly welcomes free donations.

So pack up your cutie. Load up your loved ones. And join the Gypsy Blues Caravan as it heads to Hayward with it’s brand of blues, roots and R&B.

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  1. Steve T says:

    Saw you at the Park Theater in Hayward WI. I bought the TEMPLE CD (wishing I would have purchased a more recent CD with these band members – having said that my wife, I and brother In-Law had a great time). On Tuesday 8 Oct ’13 I return to Afghanistan and will take your music with me and turn international folks on to you and your band.


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