Souls Through the Airwaves!!!

Let’s PARTY, Soulmates!!!

This Wednesday, May 8th, Mr. Harold, the man with the mean and nasty harp which blows and wails and chortles from his face, will host your Souls on Harold’s House Party, KFAI 90.3 FM at 4:00pm!

nullYou have our full permission to drive down your street and shatter house window’s with Nate’s bass frequency resonating from you car audio system, tell your boss to chill and get down with the music or blast it from your boombox while you barbeque at home!

Tune in at 4pm then come out to the 331 Club for the after-party beginning at 7pm. Click here for details.

screenshot20130129-25978-1vfldru-0Don’t forget to download the Jimmi & The Band of Souls android app for all show details as well! Use your mobile browser, not Firefox.

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