Giving Thanks at Famous Dave’s

This Sunday, November 4th, a dream comes to fruition in this benefit concert – long in preparation and anticipation. The Souls have annually supported the AIOIC at the Takoda Institute and look forward to adding more support for the school with the Giving Thanks Benefit at Famous Dave’s in Calhoun Square this Sunday, Novemeber 4th. Playing music is a blessing, sharing it with others is exhilerating, and using it to support and benefit anything which makes the world a better place for ourselves and our children is dutiful bliss. The Souls are proud to announce that all proceeds earned at the benefit concert will go directly to the school for instructional materials and supplies for the children. The show begins at 3:00pm and goes until 7:00pm with Hoka-Hey on at 3:00pm, The Mellow D’s on at 3:30pm, Bluedog on at 4:45pm, and The Souls capping off the benefit at 6:00pm.

Giving Thanks Benefit to Support American Indian Education at the Takoda Institute & Takoda Prep

Minneapolis, MN (October 16, 2012)- The Takoda Institute of Higher Education and Takoda Prep School are holding their annual fundraiser on Sunday, November 4 from 3-7pm at Famous Dave’s- 3001 Hennepin Avenue South; Minneapolis, MN. Entertainment is provided by musical groups Jimmi & the Band of Souls, Blue Dog, The Mellow D’s and HOKA-HEY drum group. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or at, additional sponsorship levels are available.

The Takoda Institute of Higher Education and Takoda Prep School comprise the education division of the American Indian OIC. Proceeds from the event will be used to purchase books for the schools’ students. While both institutions are seeing great academic success, many features of typical educational institutuions are absent due to funding shortages. One of the vital issues the schools face is the lack of text books. Graciously, the Giving Thanks benefit will raise funds for books for both institutions. The event is supported by the Star Collaborative, Famous Dave’s, the Minnesota Blues Society, Themadones Minnesota, Blue Wren Recordings, the Music Greenhouse, and TC Muzique and is headlined by award-winning blues group, Jimmi & the Band of Souls.

We have built a strong relationship with our friends at the AIOIC and the school and staff have a special place in our hearts. Donating our time to raise money for books means we are helping provide equal and fair opportunities to young Native Americans in the Minneapolis area. It means we are helping to equip teachers with the best tools at their disposal. A good education is essential in today’s world. We want to play a role in preparing these intelligent, creative and gifted young people for a wonderful future. Knowing that our time, efforts and money manifest in young people using current textbooks means a lot to us. This year, by moving the fundraiser to Famous Dave’s, we intend to raise exponentially more money than we have been able to in the past. We also hope to raise community awareness of the AIOIC and all the great things it does for young people and adults. It’s about making a difference with the people who live around you – Jimmi

More on the Takoda Institute: The Takoda Institute offers accredited post-secondary education in the fields of business, healthcare, and information technology. Many programs offered include service learning experiences that help transition students into their chosen fields. Graduates have the opportunity to seek employment from among 150 employment partners which resulted in nearly 300 job placements last year. To learn more about the Takoda Institute, visit

More on Takoda Prep School: Takoa Prep is focused on providing a rigorous high school experience within a culturally-centered environment that builds on the teaching standards of American Indian culture. The model has produced a substantial increase in reading competency- some students improving by several grade levels within one academic year. Takoda Prep’s graduation rate is 63% and was one of 32 schools to meet all aspects of Adequate Yearly Progress last year. The school has a unique, small class environment and the education style supports students that have not advanced in mainstream public schools. To learn more about Takoda Prep, visit

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